Education & Experience

Previous Education and Clinical/Academic Activity: ·

  • Medical Doctor, graduated in 1987 from the Universidade Federal RGS, Brazil       
  • Pediatric Specialist, graduated in 1991 from Hospital de Clinicas, UFRGS, Brazil     
  • Cardiology Specialist, graduated in 1999 from Instituto Cardiologia ICFUC, Brazil
  • Master's Degree in Cardiology, completed in 1999, Honours, ICFUC, Brazil
  • Pediatric Heart Rhythm Diseases Specialist, graduated in 2002, from Sick Kids Hospital, ON and Dalhousie University, NS
  • Full time Pediatric Cardiologist, Associate Professor, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Hamilton, ON, from 2002 to 2022.
  • Now retired CPSO member.
  • Associate Professor at McMaster, part time schedule, since 2022.
  • First Responder/CPR/First Aid, re-certified every 2 years, most recent April 25, 2023.
  • Homeopath (Hom) graduated from OCHM, December 2023.
  • Registered Homeopath under the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (
  • Enrolled in a 2y Post Graduation Course in Homeopathy at Dynamis School of Homeopathy, under the direction of Jeremy Sherr ( - started Feb 2024
  • Enrolled in a 1y Homeopathic Human Chemistry Post Graduation Course at Ton Jansen Homeopathy ( - started jan 2024
  • Enrolled on the second year of Polarity Analysis Course, by Dr Heiner Frei and Bonninghausen, provided by Dr. T. Shannon (