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Conventional Medicine is efficient, especially concerning life-saving diagnosis and treatments, and...


Homeopathic Medicine is a gentle, holistic and essential modality to use alongside Conventional Medicine.

Homeopathy can help in both acute and chronic conditions. It can be used for different age groups - from pre-natal care to end-of-life care, and for different life situations - from sports injuries to chronic debilitating auto-immune and degenerative diseases.


Meet your Homeopath - Rae D, MD, MSc, Hom

I have been practicing Medicine in Canada since 2002 as a full time physician and enjoyed my practice very much.  Prior to that, there was my medical training for another 15+ years including medical school in Brazil, then residency and fellowship in Canada.

More recently, I chose to focus my work on Homeopathic Medicine, which fits with my own spiritual development and growth as a person. I completed 3 years of College at the OCHM, and I'm now a Registered Homeopath under the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. 

Whichever the modality of care we choose to focus on, the most important element is to help people feel better and live better lives. It is my passion to help people feel better.


Tiny Remedy is a Homeopathic Clinic located in Ancaster, Ontario serving the local community.

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We believe that each one of us has the power to start on their healing journey.

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